As a writer, I've not only struggled with my own difficulties capturing the muse, I've found that artists working in other modalities do too.  Nearly all artists at some point have difficulty committing themselves to the process of discovery and production.  I use a variety of techniques borrowed from psychology and learned through my own practice.  With these tools, I've helped other artists spur their creativity and tame the anxiety and stress that can interfere with it.

I call this work Process Consulting as it is less a form of psychotherapy than it is a collaborative and art-focused intervention. As a caveat: sometimes, artists are coping with anxiety, depression, or undue stress, and the most reasonable approach is psychotherapy.  This entails a slightly higher fee and the use of insurance.  At other times, however, it's reasonable to focus on the process because there is no diagnosable mental-health condition.  For Process Consulting, the client pays a bit less because insurance and the more in-depth treatment is unnecessary.

For out-of-town artists, I consult via Skype, and I offer affordable package rates.  If it becomes clear, however, that psychotherapy is more appropriate, I have to recommend that you find a counselor in your state.  I am only licensed in the state of North Carolina.