Coping – As a licensed psychologist, I specialize in helping individuals through transitions-- those times when even the healthiest can struggle to adjust to change.  I support and counsel teens and adults, individuals and couples.  My typical clients are

§  teenagers navigating social and academic problems

§  individuals with chronic medical problems or terminal illnesses

§ couples needing better communication skills

§  men and women who are newly single

§  individuals grieving the death of a loved one

Creativity - Both a writer and a psychologist, I've helped artists rediscover productive work-habits.  I've also helped non-artists find creative outlets for their emotions and energy.  Research suggests that individuals tend to feel happier and more fulfilled when they have ways to innovate or creatively express themselves through writing, crafts, dance, or the visual arts.

Communication - Even with the best intentions, one's ability to communicate clearly and effectively can be hindered by novel situations and backlogged emotions.  I work with couples and individuals to help them better navigate power struggles and contentious relationships as well as to avoid misunderstanding